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Our mission is to prepare students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) with the skills necessary to complete post-secondary education through vocational education and training while being contributing members of their communities. We believe that our population of students will be successful when given a purposeful education that prepares them for all the benefits and responsibilities of later life. TFNC is a practical, hands-on experience with a community-centric approach as a fundamental part of daily education for success.


MEET We are a diverse, expertly-trained group of educators, administrators, business people and parents committed to the life and work success of post-secondary students with autism.

APPLY TFNC is open to any student with autism who has graduated from high school. We offer year-round enrollment and scholarships.

DONATE Your tax-deductible donation helps our students prepare for meaningful lives and careers, including providing important scholarship opportunities.

I'm a TFNC student.
"Before I started working with Transitions Foundation, I was losing my way. It has changed my perspective."

Samantha's Story

Success Story

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    I was not going to let my son fall by the wayside. Transitions Foundation was a godsend, filling the very critical gap between high school and adult life, where so many students with autism struggle. It’s a wonderful, supportive and challenging program close to campus that helps them fulfill their potential and lead a full life, just like everyone else. We’re literally watching our son grow into a great young man.
    Mother of TFNC student
Did You Know?
It has been reported that more than 50 percent of autistic youth had no post-secondary education or employment two years following graduation.